Frequently Asked Questions

How can I Pay online?

You can use any of following options for Payment processing
1. Pay Online using Debit/Credit Cards
2. Pay as bank transfer
3. Pay via mobile banking

What if Credit Card is declined

If card is declined you will not be charged, you can either try again later or use an alternative option.

After payment how can I get service information

After Successful payment processing there will be a confirmation email on your registered mail address. It will include all related information for your purchased service, if you find any trouble you can contact support.

Can I get refund of domain registration

Strictly No refund for Domain Registration, refund only apply to hosting and other services plans

How can I get refund of services

For hosting refund with in 30 days of purchase of service you can initiate request with support to process refund, it will be refunded in 3 to 5 working days.

Any additional charges for using credit card

There is no additional fee for using credit card for purchase of our services.

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